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S.No. Title of the Invention Application No./Patent No. Date of Filing Application Status
01 Endodontic file to avoid fracture in root canal therapy using machine learning 20221003764 23/01/2022 Application published
02 A Solar Operable System for Cooking and Water Purification 202021001375 13/01/2020 Application published
03 An Internet of Things (IOT) Autonomous Based Sewer Pipe Cleaning Robot 201721026894 28/07/2017 Awaiting Request for Examination
04 Automated Vehicle Verification & Monitoring System 201621041558 05/12/2016 Application referred u/s 12 for examination.
05 Hybrid Solar Energy Storage Device 201621000237 05/01/ 2016 Application Published
06 An optical feedback system for halbach array motor 129/MUM/2015 13/01/2015 Application Published
07 Composition for cataract and method of preparation 2810/MUM/2010 11/10/2010 Application Published
08 A Polyhouse 1963/MUM/2010325321 Granted 09/07/2010 Granted
09 Phaco Tip for/and phaco emulsification technique 1965/MUM/2010 09/07/2010 Application Published
10 Multipurpose and Multifunctional Stool. 1964/MUM/2010 09/07/2010 Application Published
11 Intelligent Electricity Metering System 1966/MUM/2010 09/07/2010 View Examination Report (S)
12 A Solar lantern with an improved power control circuit 1270/MUM/2009 20/05/2009 Application Refused U/S 15
13 A cost-effective process for Bio-diesel extraction 25/MUM/2009 05/01/2009 View Examination Report (S)
14 An improved solar power street lighting system 416/MUM/2008 29/02/2008 Application Refused U/S 15
15 All in one shaving tool 415/MUM/2008261018 Granted 29/02/2008 Granted on Date -30/05/2014
16 An Improved Lead Acid battery for solar power system 2275/MUM/2007259072 Granted 19/11/2007 Granted on Date -24/02/2014
17 A static cooling device for vehicle interior 2274/MUM/2007 19/11/2007 View Examination Report (S)
18 A solar based alternating current generator and booster 2273/MUM/2007 19/11/2007 View Examination Report (S)
19 Printed circuit board based single phase power transformer 2272/MUM/2007 19/11/2007 View Examination Report (S)
20 A Bio-gas generation system 2271/MUM/2007 19/11/2007 View Examination Report (S)
21 Stand alone on line production efficiency monitor using system on-chip with in-built serially arranged easy for reconfiguration measurement device 2270/MUM/2007 19/11/2007 View Examination Report (S)
22 A Pneumatic Air Rotor Driven Water Pump 2269/MUM/2007256824 Granted 19/11/2007 Granted on Date -31/07/2013
23 A Power system for current balancing under unbalanced conditions 1927/MUM/2007 28/09/2007 View Examination Report (S)