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MAKEATHON Problem Statement

Participating teams will have to choose one problem statement among provided.

1)Existing farm pump to run on solar. ....

Existing pumps in the farm lands are not able to deliver at full potential because of the discontinuity of the electric power supply, presently available solar water pumps usually runs with DC and are different from the common sub-mercible pumps. The proposal is to make solar drive that can run existing sub mercible pumps with solar energy without the use of batteries.

2)Cost effective crack detection system for railway tracks .

In the fast developing country, people are facing many accidents; it would be undesirable for any nation to losing their life for unwanted cause. Railways are one of the important transports in India. There is a need for manual checking to detect the crack on railway track and always railway personnel takes care of this issue, even though the inspection is made regularly.

3)Seed Sowing

The machine should operate on a permanent raised bed of 100 cm width which can sow seeds with fertilizer in 5 rows at 25 cm apart. Seeds - rice, gram, pea, groundnut, bajra, maize, Val, etc. Mechanism should be preferably impact dibbler or it should make very thin slit of max depth of 30-40 cm. It should cover the seeds after sowing and be operated by 1-2 people either manually or by 1 hp power and sow 0.6 to 1 ha in 8 hours. Potential of it being self-driven to get higher speed.


In hospitals patients need to be shifted from wheelchair to stretcher, stretcher to beds, bed to wheelchair, or vice versa; which creates unsafe conditions for patients. Also transferring the patients from wheelchair to stretcher, stretcher to beds, bed to wheelchair is always an issue for the attendant or nurse. There is a need for a wheelchair cum stretcher to facilitate the disabled patient’s mobility and to provide novel medical equipment for use in the Indian hospitals.


1. Teams will be provided with problem statements at the time of publicity.They have to mail the abstract in specified time period

2. Participant should manufacture application/system prototype of their choice to best fit the solution of the given problem statements.

3. The teams will be expected to implement the design submitted in their abstract which will put for judging.

4. Workshop facilities will be provided for manufacturing the prototype making. Material required must be arranged by participants themselves.

5. In case disputes, the decision of the organizers and the judges will be final and binding to all.

Pursuit 2K19

Events by MESA


    Participating teams will have to choose one problem statement among provided. They can submit the abstracts up to the specified deadline before the event. All the participants teams will be invited to implement their prototype in the given time span followed by the final presentation to be given to the judges. A list of equipment and machinery are available full time. The other equipment required by the participating teams will be their responsibility.

    Fees: Rs.400 Team(Max 4)

    1st Prize Winner:Rs.4000 /-

    2nd Prize Winner:Rs.2000 /-



    In this event there a network of paths and hedges designed as a puzzle through which one has to find a way to out. In this maze there will be two path form in and only one path for out. Participant has to come up with their RC car with the help of which the will complete the puzzle. Two participant will enter their RC car through two path for in and the participants who will come first out of the maze that will be winner.

    Fees: Rs.50 per individual

    Prize money :Rs.1000 /-



    Technohunt is an event which tests your presence of mind ,Technical skills of mechanical working as well as your physical strength. By using clues you have to find out the instruments which are necessary to assemble or disassemble the objects. The first clue of an instrument will be given to team. The clue will give you information about next position of another clue as well as the next required instrument. The competiotion will be in two teams. The last clue will be of the same place as well as the instrument ,will finish the competition.

    Fees: Rs.100 Team(Max 2)

    1st round winner:Rs.500 /-

    Finale winner:Rs.1500 /-




"The main objectives of the association is to work for improvement of technical knowledge of students and also providing them an exposure to technical world by involving them in various tech. fests, seminars, and workshops."

The objectives of this association are:

* To create awarness about latest updates in the feild of mechanical engineering.

* To encourage those students who have shown excellence in their academics.

* To develope the leadership quality and team work ability.

*To encourage and motivate outside class room studies, workshops, projects, technical activities, seminars etc.

* To create awarness in students for organizing and participating in different technical events.

*To plan, organize technical programs, special lectures, workshop, seminars, exibitions for benifit of students.

*To provide common plathform for students for exchange of ideas for technical topics of interest e.g., curriculum, technical acctivities, higher educational opportunities, emerging trends, etc.

*Providing a platform for interaction between facuilty and students and especially the seniors and juniors of the department.

*To promote the interaction between academic and industry.

About Us


Who We Are?

Mechanical Engineering Students Association or MESA is a committee of Mechanical Engineering Students which aims to play a role in overall development of students in technical aspects.

What We Do?

We are the team of Mechanical students which works for sharpening the skills of the students, improving their abilities as well as their technical knowledge by arranging different Events, Seminars and Workshops.

Our Vision?

Emphazing our interest on Practical Approach on various problems in engineering field to make life more easy and automated has always been our first priority.


Our Guidance

Dr. S. B. Somani


Dr. S. P. Trikal

Head of the Department

Prof. S. Q. Syed

Faculty Advisor

Prof. N. G. More

Faculty Advisor


Events by MESA

  • 2018-2019

    Poster Presentation

    A poster session is a good opportunity to present yourself and your research in a favorable light, make contacts and get useful feedback.A successful poster presents you and your work clearly and professionally; it encourages the audience to stop to discuss your work with you and gives them the opportunity to take any detailed information that you’ve prepared as a handout.

  • Guest Lecture

    Guest speakers have become an important part of the educational experience for students. They expose students to real-world life experiences from the position of someone who has been there. Students get to see the insight and perspective of the guest speaker’s particular field.

  • CFD Workshop


  • Contraption

    Contraption is a chain of different ‘energy conversion’ steps, in which one step triggers the next one leading to completion of final task. In this event participants are asked to make a Contraption system which will hit a skittle arrangement.

  • Design Workshop

    Machine design is a specialization in the field of mechanical engineering that creates new or alters existing engineering systems or components.

  • Grand Debate

    Grand Debate involves opposing teams of two, debating a topic concerning a current event. Proceeding a coin toss, the winners choose which side to debate (PRO or CON) or which speaker position they prefer (1st or 2nd), and the other team receives the remaining option. Students present cases, engage in rebuttal and refutation, and also participate in a “crossfire” (similar to a cross examination) with the opportunity to question the opposing team. Often times community members are recruited to judge this event.

  • Workshop on 3D Printing and UAV

    This workshop introduces participants to the technologies involved in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ,3D printer and the techniques involved in making a working Quadrotor(drone). Students practically understand the overall design, configuration and testing of the Quadrotor project.

    Topics Covered:

    • Introduction to Drones and UAVs

    • Aerodynamics of Drone

    • Stability and Control of Drone

    • Advanced technologies used in UAVs

    • Kit Content

    • Technologies/Gadgets attached to the drones

    • 3D Model Printing

    • Introduction to Paraglading and its Aerodynamic features.

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