Information Technology Students Association

Speaker 1

Introduction To Python With Data Science

Workshop Description:

  1. Introduction to Python and OOP in Python
  2. Libraries
  3. Regression Algorithm
  4. Classification Algorithm
  5. Python Web Application

Pre-requisite or pre requirement of Workshops

Some basic knowledge about python


Round 1(Code-buzz) : It will be opening round having two sub rounds. 1st sub round will be questions based on riddles, technical terms, etc. 2nd sub round image will be shown and participants will be asked to guess name of the technology hidden in that image in given time span. Platform: Google form.

Round 2(Mind-Jumbler) : In this round the code will be given having certain error participants have to find the error in given time.

Round 3(Techno-Hunt) : It’s going to be a Victory round of the event. It will be coding contest on Hacker Rank. This round will be conducted on Day 2 of Pursuit.

Rules :

  1. All the students from first year to final year can participate in the event.
  2. Student have to participate individually
  3. All instructions should be followed
  4. The participants will not be allowed to use internet during the event.
  5. There will be no elimination in the first round.
  6. All the students should have valid IDs of their respective institute with them along with the registration receipt