Innovations in Teaching-Learning

Part Gallery

Part gallery is the section developed inside the central workshop which consist of the various cutting tools like – Different types of Broaches, Types of Milling cutters, Gear hob, Blanking & punching die set, components of press tools etc. It is developed with the clear cut objective of providing actual exposure of these cutting tools/components to students, as this is there in the university curriculum. Students used to visit the area as and when required to clear the doubts present in their mind about these concepts. The gallery is developed in association of some of our industrial associates which are continuously contributing in terms of the tools/components for the development of the gallery."

Virtual Lab

Development of virtual Lab in the Refrigeration and air conditioning: The virtual lab helps students to simulate the experimental conditions of different test rigs used in Refrigeration and air conditioning laboratory with the help of simulator designed based on bloom's taxonomy.

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